Saturday, September 4, 2010

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Question to the Men with Relaxers

I saw a man today with a relaxer. His shiny black sweat laden hair distracted me. One question bounced around in my head and screamed for an answer like a two year old throwing a fit - WHY? WHY? WHY?!!!!!

I was quickly reminded of the Ivory Coast FIFA soccer player Didier Drogba whose distractingly shiny relaxed hair caused the soccer ball to slide a few times when he hit it with his head. (By the way, shout out to African countries in the world cup! Cue the vuvuzelas! Good job). Back then, I was asking the same question - WHY?

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So to the fellas with relaxers, my question to you is WHY?!! What would drive you to put the conk in your hair? Were you frustrated with pressing your hair? Would it not stay straight after hours of blow drying and curling? Did you want your bangs to stop frizzing out on you on a rainy day? I really can't think of a good reason for a man to get a relaxer, except if your name is Prince (formerly the symbol, previously Prince, originally Prince Rogers Nelson). There's nothing wrong with relaxers of course. But on a man, it's just so questionable. For the fellas out there, do you make time to get touch ups when you have a relaxer? Do you get it done for certain performances, musical, theatrical, auditions for reality shows like Drag Race? If the latter, then I understand and you better work!

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For the A-B-Cs - Another Boldly Curly

Every once in a while a woman comes along who decides to rage against the machine and do it her way. She decides to go BOLD and go CURLY and get back to the basics!!! I call that the ABCs - Another Boldly Curly!!!! That woman is Solange!!! Many of you know that a while ago she cut off her long tresses and went au naturale!!!! How inspiring! I was pleased to see that she's got some growth and she's been rocking her natural hair pretty free, without the wet look. Thanks Solange. Keep it curly! (Fierce outfit too!!).

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Secretly Curly

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E!'s Fashion Police Joan Rivers was giving my girl Julianna Margulies of The Good Wife (good show by the way) some hate on her dress and her hair. The dress is interesting but her HAIR was great. It was a little more curly than she normally wears it, especially in the roots. I say she should have let her naturally curly thick hair loose in all it's glory.

Keep it natural!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Forget the dress - what about her hair!!

Lots of people have weighed in on Anna Paquin's gladiator style dress at the Emmys. She was voted worst dressed by E!'s fashion police.

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Worst dressed? Pish Pawsh!!! I loved the dress! And I LOVED HER HAIR STYLE!! I'm on the search for someone who can replicate that style in a braided style or in a curly hair style. I bet it's possible to do this hair style with finger waves swept into an updo. Imagine this in the front and the rest tucked in the back.

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In my posts a long while back, I blogged about accessories. I love accessories. I can feel my blood pumping when I get around them. But you know what else gets me going? HAIR!! It's the best accessory - you can dye it, fry it, curl it, plump it, braid it or bald it. When you have a hair style that you love, you feel confident, don't you? It's a great compliment to an outfit and other accessories. I could go on and on.
I'm passionate about naturally curly hair. Just to be clear, naturally curly hair is hair that comes out of your head not straight. So that would probably be a majority of us. Not to worry, I won't tell on you secretly natural curly head people. (But you know who you are).
Some of us have wavy hair, some of us have kinky hair, some of us have cottony hair. Let's just lump it all into one word CURLY. Here's a pic of my friend who's hair I love. Don't you just want to touch her hair? It just looks soft!


Guess who
Guess who's back?

It's me, it's me! TILshopgirl is back!!! I have been away for too long pursuing my other passions in law and travel and best of all HAIR - the God-given original accessory!! I spent some time trying to figure out which passion drives me and in the end, HAIR has won out. Not to worry, I haven't quit my day job. :)

So I will be bringing you posts on hair, hair, and more hair, and some fashion (but I'm really leaving that to my fellow blogger Sassy ;). Thanks for holding it down ladies!